Paul C. Soper, Jr., A.I.A.
Brian R. Hanson, A.I.A. LEED AP
Newton S. Wiley, Jr., RA (Retired)

For over forty years, the principals of Architecteam have continued to earn the trust of their clients through the creation of lasting and innovative designs, which reflect a wide range of building experience. The firm’s commitment to excellence is evidenced in the portfolio of conceptual and completed work involving sustainable design, new construction technologies, building renovation, and historic preservation.

The firm’s work is completed by a collaborative process, in which design solutions are derived from team analysis of the program, design alternatives, and construction methods, as well as environmental impacts and operational efficiencies.

Architecteam continues to serve an increasing client base with the shared belief that the appropriate architectural response must be aesthetically, technically and socially relevant to its time and place. Offering professional services that emphasize quality and teamwork, the firm sees its future in both shaping and sharing its clients’ vision.